Posted by Steven in Anxiety, Health and Well-being

A few years ago it seemed to me that I was staring down the barrel of a breakdown – I felt alone, overwhelmed and stretched, beyond my capacity.

It was the end of a long, difficult year… My relationship was over, and despite the incredibly long hours I was working, finances were always tight. Somehow, there just never seemed to be enough time in my week for the things I valued doing, for relaxing and enjoying the people I loved.

Perhaps you have had times in your life like this?

Then it happened.

It was a few days before Christmas, the long-awaited holiday period had arrived and I was planning to go away for a break. To my horror, the morning I was to leave, I found that I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. ‘I’ll go later this afternoon,’ I reassured myself. However, I ended up spending nearly two weeks in bed.

I felt powerless – time contracted and I couldn’t think clearly. Anxiety burgeoned as I felt unable to shift myself out of a stagnant malaise of exhaustion.

Fortunately for me, I understood 3 things:

Firstly, that stress was messing up my body and mind.

Secondly, that grief and tiredness were overwhelming my emotional system and triggering anxiety.

Thirdly, I knew that all things change, especially feelings, but that I needed to get good help.

This was an incredibly difficult experience, one I hope you never share.

Most of us feel the negative effects of stress at some point – back pain, indigestion, brain fog and sleeplessness… But I encourage you, if you’re losing your motivation, or struggling with stress, get help before you hit rock bottom like I did. The expert therapists at Seekhelp are trained to help you recover your equilibrium and feel best again.