Relationships can be a source of immense joy, beauty and growth and also immense suffering. If we truly love, we make ourselves vulnerable – yet it is our human longing to be connected to others.
Perhaps you are in a new or healthy relationship and you want to build on your solid commitment – add the spice of passion and practice active listening so that your understanding of yourself and your partner deepens.
Or maybe you and your partner are struggling. You are experiencing growing fear about being open, you are hurting, as communication failures, misunderstandings and betrayals destroy your relationship.
Seekhelp’s relationship experts can help you to create the relationship you want. Each of our expert therapists has proven credentials and years of experience. All couples counsellors at Seekhelp have at least 200 hours of experience counselling couples and are trained in several modalities, including Gottman, Imago, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Present Oriented Relational Therapy (PORT), and director of Seekhelp, Steven Dromgool’s Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy.

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