Location Victoria Park Market
Speciality Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Dan is an experienced counsellor who knows that if you are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, you may feel lost and out of your depth.

His experience helping people identify triggers for stress and recover from difficult life circumstances or toxic relationships has equipped him with knowledge and skills to benefit you. Through therapeutic support and education, he can help you to better identify the unhealthy patterns and disempowering behaviours you may be engaged in, to recover your power. He will assist you to develop good self-care methods, strong personal boundaries and effective communication strategies. You will regain your confidence and trust in yourself, and set your life back on track. Dan also has specialist experience with helping people who are in a relationship with a narcissist or a person with a borderline personality.

Dan has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counselling and has spent 7 years working as a psychotherapist. He is currently acting as a visiting consultant from the US. Recently he worked as an educator and trainer of mental health workers, in Alaska.

Dan is available to be booked at Relate’s Victoria Park Market, Central Auckland office from mid-November.

Individual session: $175 (1 hour)