Location Parnell
Speciality Anxiety, Depression, Life & Work Balance, Parnell, Weight Management
Luke (soon to be Dr Luke) has had a lifetime of interest in peak performance and well-being. For the last 3 years Luke has been applying his insights and findings about the practices of Mindfulness to  issues ranging from addiction, anxiety, weight management and general performance issues.  He see his work as being about empowering you to make productive changes in your life. Luke works within the unique physical, mental, and emotional contexts of an individual, but pays particular attention to working through mental and emotional blocks that keep people from living a life full of health, vitality, and happiness. Luke also utilises Somatic Therapy to address the mental, physical, and emotional health concerns that his clients present with. His strong focus on the bodywork emerges from an understanding that the root causes of compulsive behaviors, trauma, depression & anxiety, and general discomfort with everyday life exist within the framework of the body. Our bodies need to process, integrate, and release these hidden sources of tension so that self-destructive patterns can come to their natural end, and we can experience everyday life with less stress.